The Maccabees - Oavip tab

This is only my second tab so any feedback would be really good. Cheers.

Intro: E (there is another guitar part played quietly underneath which goes something 
quite difficult to tell cos the bass is playing something similar.

Verse: E F#m B A B A A She collects medicines in the box where once he had kept his E F#m B A B And holds out hope the year old Werther's will be gone, long before she goes Chorus: F#m B B E B B So when do you start and when do you end? F#m B B E This slow depart happening again The intro, verse and chorus are then repeated After the second chorus there is a build up where Hugo plays
e|--16----16-----| a number of timesB|----17----17---|G|------16----16-|
under this Felix plays E A E Cos this is not farewell oh dear E A E And this is not farewell oh dear oh oh And then the song finishes with a repeat of the chorus. cheers Josh
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