The Maine – Daisy Acoustic tab

Artist: The Maine
Song: Daisy (Acoustic)
Album: Old Ep
Tunning: Standard
Tabbed By: Matt Florio;;
Band Site:

Chords Used
G 320033
Cadd9 x32033
Em 022033
D xx0232

Hey please enjoy! I know you can find a video on youtube
somewhere of this song played acoustic. I know it's 100% right so don't worry.. just
and follow along. I added a few in
of the solo parts from the full version... such as the intro; which is basically the
in some parts and lead guitar part all in
I also added some of the lead parts that can be heard in random parts.

Intro* this is the keyboard part mixed with that guitar parte--3-3-3-3-3-3-2h3-----|b--3-3-3-3-3-3----3----|g----------------------|d----------------------|a----------------------|e----------------------|
Verse G Cadd9 I picked you up and lifted your wilted frame into the sun. Em D Cadd9 I was taken back, yeah I was taken back, G Cadd9 And by the time I caught my breath, Em D Cadd9 You had blossomed into something that I did not expect.
Verse Lead Part:e---------------------|b-------------3h5p3---|g-2-h4--2--h4---------|d---------------------|a---------------------|e---------------------|
PreChorus D Cadd9 And if it takes all night, D Cadd9 I swear I'll wait, For you, Forever. Chorus G D Cadd9 Sunlight, sunshine, All for you my daisy. Em D Cadd9 We're getting this before you leave, All for you my daisy.
Lead Part After Choruse-3h2p3---0---------|b------3----3-------|g-------------0-----|d-------------------|a-------------------|e-------------------|
Verse G Cadd9 You're a wreck and you know, Em You've got me wrapped around your finger, D Like a boy tangled in vines, Cadd9 But i've figured you out.
Lead Verse 2 Part(related to full version):*played quick and fewe---0------|b---3------|g---4------|d---5------|a---5------|e----------|
PreChorus D Cadd9 And now we're here, We're so confused, D Cadd9 And I wish that there was some way that I could tell you. Chorus
Bridge* just repeat over and overe--3-3-3-3----|b--3-3-3-3----|g-------------|d-------------|a-------------|e-------------|
Lead Part During Bridge:e--3-2-----------|b------3---0h3p0-|g----------------|d----------------|a----------------|e---All for, all for, all for you my daisy
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