The Maine - Raise Your Glass chords version 2

Raise Your Glass - The Maine
No album as of yet.
Now when I write E (Hammer On) it will be :
Intro: E, E (add on) x8 Verse:
E - E (Hammer on)Raise your glass, let's have a toast.
To all the friends, we love the most.
A E- E (Hammer on)There's Jack And Jill, And Jose' Too.
C#m E- E (Hammer on)And for all those not drinking, this one's for you.
[Pause.] Verse 2.
E- E (Hammer on)Grab your stash, let's roll it up.
You can pass but I move up.
A E- E (Add on)It's greens and red, and purples too.
C#m EAnd for all those not smoking, this one's for you.
E- E (Hammer on)La da da da da da da, La da da da da da da.
A E- E (Hammer on)La da da, la da da oooooh!
C#m And for all those not drinking,
B AAnd for all those not smoking.
B E- E (Hammer on)This one's for you!
(Tabbed by Han :3)
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