The Maine – Some Days tab

Intro:Guitar 1e------------------------11--12-----------------------------|B-12\14\12--12-------9-12-----------------12\14\12--12---9--|G-11\13\11--11----------------------------11\13\11--11---8--|D-----------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 Dbm - E - Ab - A - E - B - A (x2) Verse 1: Dbm E Ab A Some days feel alone, on your own like a rolling stone E B A A perfect waste of a perfect day Dbm E Ab A Some days feel like chores, you get more than you bargain for E B A A heavy plate for one to undertake Pre-chorus: F#m A F#m B I hate to say I told you so, but I just thought I'd let you know Chorus : Dbm E Ab A E B A Some days they taste like lemonaaaaa aaaaaade Dbm E Ab A E B A Some days can feel like razorblaaaaaa aaaaaades F#m A I wish I could float away, some days Repeat Intro Verse 2: Dbm E Ab A Some days smell like spring, birds, they sing, jasmine's blossoming E B A Everything, oh it's everything Dbm E Ab A Some times things can seem evergreen, like the TV screen E B A Reality, it's reality Repeat Pre-chorus Repeat Chorus Solo :
Guitar 1e----7--7-9----7-7---7-9--------7--7-9------------------------------------|B-7b---7--------9---9--------7b---7---------------------------------------|G----------9~------------9~-------------9~-9-9--------------------4-------|D----------------------------------------------4-4-4-4b-2-4~---6~--6-4-2~-|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 : ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Bridge ? : Dbm E Ab A E B A Float away, I wish I could float away Repeat Pre-chorus Repeat Chorus
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