The Mardy Bums - Does It Say Doormat On Me Back tab

Artist: The Mardy Bums
Track: Does It Say Doormat On Me Back?
Single: Who The Ch*ff Are The...
Tabber: Woodshed

A           C#m           D       C#m
Does it say doormat on me back?

A            C#m           D       C#m
So why'd you treat me like that?

A             C#m              D   C#m
Yes, I've got two quid for the bus

A               C#m               D  C#m
No, that's not enough for both of us

Bm                        E
Do you think I'm going to walk

Are we have that talk?

The one where you pout, call me a lout

C#m Bm  A     Abm D  D  E
Why the chuff did we go out?

It must be the doormat on me back

A C#m D C#m e|----7------5--------------------------------------------------|B|------------------7------5-----5--5-5-------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat to end
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