The Meg And Dia Band - Lessons In New Jersey tab

Meg And Dia
Lessons in New Jersey
Our Home Is Gone
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bm - x24432
A -  x02220
G -  320033
D -  xx0232
Em - 022000
F# - 244322

Verse 1: Bm So I met a guy He?s from New Jersey Took me out to get some food What you do I asked I play the guitar Well baby I play the guitar too Bm Do you have plans D for Saturday Do you think that A you could watch me play I don't know it depends Em on what's going on backstage Verse 2: Bm So we talked some more of scales and chords And when I first attempted to And he told me that's not the way to go I said baby I don't get you Chorus 1: Bm Don't you ever play D what you feel inside No baby I ain't got A the time to figure out F# what makes you smile or makes you tend to lie
Post chorus riff: Bm, * means harmonicse|------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------3--3h5--5--5p0-|G|---4----4----4------------4----4----4-----------------|D|---4----4----4--7*--7*----4----4----4-----------------|A|-0-2--0-2--0-2--7*--7*--0-2--0-2--0-2-----------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 3: Bm So he started playing a melody And wanted me to start soloing I don't know quite what to do He said pick it up and I'll help you through Chorus 2: Bm Don't you ever play D what you feel inside No baby I ain't got A the time to figure out Em what makes you smile or makes you tend to lie Bm It's too late now D I'll show you how A Em Put that guitar down Put that guitar down Interlude: Bm-- x4 then Bm--A x8 Bm Dadalaladada D Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada D Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada A Dadalaladadada Bm Dadalaladada Em Dadalaladadada (Repeat) Bridge: G Time oh time it slips so fine D A It kills me about every time Em I decide that time has come D A Figure I'll go get me some Em That's not what your supposed to do D Don't dare go back A the failures too G Maybe I'm a failure Bm too so lets get on with it (Repeat Chorus 2) (Repeat Bridge) outro: Bm So I met a guy He's from New Jersey Learned a little more than I thought I would Bm Love Me Love Me Love Me Love Me
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