The Meg And Dia Band – Strawberry Waltz tab

Left handed
Meg And Dia
Strawberry Waltz
Our Home Is Gone
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Key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
D -    xx0232
D9 -   xx0230
DM7 -  xx0222
D7 -   xx0212
Dsus - xx0233
Em -   022000
Bm -   x24432
A -    x02220
G -    320033
Gm -   355333
Bb -   x13331

Intro: pm means palm mute D D9 D7 Em Ae|-2----|-0----|-2--2h3p2--5--3-2-|-2--0-|-2--0-|B|-3----|-3----|-1----------------|-0--0-|-2--2-|G|-2-pm-|-2-pm-|-2----------------|-0--0-|-2--2-|D|-0----|-0----|-0----------------|-2--2-|-2--2-|A|------|------|------------------|-2--2-|-0--0-|E|------|------|------------------|-0--0-|------|
D Dsus De|-2-|-3-|-2--2-|B|-3-|-3-|-3--3-|G|-2-|-2-|-2--2-|D|-0-|-0-|-0--0-|A|---|---|------|E|---|---|------|
Verse 1: D D9 Disreguard what we know D7 D7 Well your voice is so low G Will I stay Will I Bb D go this evening D D9 See the light on the rail D7 Reflect red off the D7 G tail lights In front Bb D of us Slowly leading Chorus: A D Heed my warning my darling Bm A G Don't let the twilight drown A D Feel the shoreline thriving Bm A Turn around Turn around G Turn around Verse 2: D D9 Well we pull of the road D7 d7 Sinking slow, sinking slow G Bb D And the gravel recedes into dust D D9 And the unfaithful sun D7 D7 Went to burn all alone G Bb Just to love just for love D Just for plain simple love (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Bm G D Em A Oh oh (4x) (Repeat Chorus)
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