The Middle East - Months chords

The Middle East Ė Months

Chords by Tazman Osborne

a lot of the chords alternate between inversions of other  chords, so Iíve sort  
of tried to capture that  with slashes.  

A /D/A/D/A Bm Bm/E/BmWake me in the morning
Bm A Goní wake me up at night
A BmAinít got no use for sleeping anymore
Bm AAinít got enough time
A/DFor myself
A A7Or time for my friends
D D/C# Bm->E(inv)->BmAnd, and I canít even write
AJust wake me up, itís fine
Short instrumental C#m Bm x2
A Bm/E/BmLet me go away, Hitch
AAway from where weíve grown
Bm E BmIíve got dirty and did wandering
AThrough bars and Foreign family homes
G F#And I had never have cared
BmTo be alone
A7 Now i just wanna feel
D How you would feel
D/C# Bm . . . F#sus2 (briefly before next chord) (9th fret)Left at home
(Strum on off beat.) D D D D, D D E E, Bm Bm Bm Bm, A A C#7 C#7. D D D D, D D E E, Bm Bm C#m C#m, D D F# F# Hey Hitch, hey Hitch Iím coming home Hey Ma, hey Pa Iím coming home Hey dirt, hey tree, hey little girl Iím coming come Hey heat, hey Chris Iím coming home D . . . F#sus2 (9th fret) x2 C#m D A A, AÖ
A Bm Well I seen many places
AAnd they all been seen before
BmI done lost my Jack Luck spirit
AIím goiní back to hitch at home
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