The Midnight Beast – Friends For Never chords ver. 2

C GOne day we're friends forever,
Am GNext day we're friends for never,
F GWho say, you say, we're best friends,
F GI say, he say, till the end.
C G Am GOur friendships like a slice of chocolate cake,
F EmYou're the icing, you'd be the sponge,
F GWhen we're together we become,
C G AmA perfect way to end a perfect dinner time,
G FQuite substantial glass of wine,
Em FA tasty mint goes down a treat, and helps my
C G AmDigest this factual piece of evidence,
G FI'm your butter, you're my toast,
Em FThe gravy on my Sunday roast,
G-I'm not a fan of your roasts,
CWhat do you mean?
G AmYou told me that you liked the one I cooked the other
G-I don't remember
FYou said you liked the sprouts
Em F-I don't know what to say.
GThen you should shut your mouth.
C GOne day we're friends for ever,
Am GGo take some singing lessons
FWhat was that?
Nothing twat.
GYou're a prick
FEat my shit,
No thank you,
GIt wouldn't be nice.
C G AmOur friendships kind of like a prostitute,
F EmQuite worn out, yet still quite fit,
F GQuite nice arse, great pair of tits.
CWell, that's not relevant,
Isn't it?
C G AmYou're full of shit, and that what's relevant
Is it?
GI'm going to have a think,
F Em F Will you tell me what you think of?
Play this twice during the rap part:
C G Am G F Em F GEnter, uh
One day we're friends, the next we're not, It's so confusing the why's and what's What the hell, I thought we were friends just now, Then I remembered, we had a row (oh yeah) We're like Bradd Pitt and Angela, But we don't have a child from Cambodia Uh uh I'm sick and tired of us having no fun, Stop being pussy's, and go and work your problems out son, 'coz i'm done
C GOne day we're born together (one day we're born)
Am GNext day it's stormy weather (next day we're torn)
F GWho say, you say we're not friends
F GI say, he say, fuck you bender
C GOne day i'm your blood brother,
Am GNext day its, fuck your mother
F G-no offence, tell your mum I think she's quite nice,
F Gthat particular dig was directed at you and not your
My mother used to have a nice smile on her face, till dad went out to get some more milk. He never did come back...
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