The Mighty Stef – Christmas Aint Worth Shit chords


The [C]fire logs are [E]burning girl [F]but you are so [G]cold
Dec[C]ember is [E]bitter and our [F]love's been getting [G]old
I [C]know that this is [E]for the best, we've [Am]done all the hell we can [C]do
But [C]Christmas ain't worth [G]shit girl, without [C]you  [C] [G]

As we [C]walk down old [E]Henry street with [F]tears in our [G]heart
I [C]know you still [E]love me girl but [F]tonight we must [G]part
As I [C]took one last look in your [E]sad brown eyes right [Am]by me the whol world is [C]blue
But [C]Christmas ain't worth [G]shit girl without [C]you [C] [C7#5]

[C7#5]Sleigh bells [F]ring for your [C]love
Choirs of [F]angels can't sing sweet [C]enough
Got me [D7]feelin' so sad 'bout a [D7]love that's gone mad
And it [G]makes me want to [G7]cry
Down [F]illuminated streets we would [C]walk
While the [F]band played Fairytales of New [C]York
And we [D7]danced like two drunks 'neath the [D7]cold winter sky
Like the [G]city belonged to [G7]you... and [C]I[Am]... [G]You and [C]I[Am] [C] [G]

[C]Go gently on [E]your way girl [F]into the cold [G]night
And I [C]hope you find [E]another boy that will [F]always treat you [G]right
[C]Sometimes love don't [E]do the things that [Am]you always want it [C]to
But [C]Christmas ain't worth [G]shit girl without [C]you [C] [C7#5]


While a [C]thousand choirs of [E]angels march [Am]behind me singing the [C]blues
I know [C]Christmas won't be [G]shit girl without [C]you [C] [G]
While [C]Jesus Christ and Sir [E]Cliff Richard are [Am]cryin' with holes in their [C]shoes
I know [C]Christmas won't be [G]Christmas without [C]you [C] [G]
While a [C]million lights shine down [E]upon my tired soul I [Am]know that this much is [C]true
I know that [C]Christmas ain't worth [G]shit girl without [C]you
[C]Christmas ain't worth [G]shit girl without [C]you [F] [C]
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