The Milk – Chip The Kids tab

----------------| Chip the Kids - The Milk |-------------------------------| Tabbed by: Leftieswillrule |----------------------------------| February 4th, 2013 |-------------------
There was a frightening lack of tabs for this, so I decide to try my hand at it. I used the music video and observed a live performance to get this, so while it may not be entirely right, nay, it will definitely not be entirely right, it's close. I was not able to get the bridge, and I'm not 100% on the chorus.
Verse/Main Riffe|--------------------------------|B|---9--x-x--10-10-10-10-x-x-x----|G|o--9--x-x--9--9--9--9--x-x-x---o|D|o--9--x-x--11-11-11-11-x-x-x---o|A|---9--x-x--9--9--9--9--x-x-x----|E|--------------------------------|
The tab is obviously heavily flawed, but there are literally no other ones out there. If you want you can email me suggestions at, and feel free to use what I have to expand on the tab. Have fun!
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