The Morning Benders – Excuses chords

			     EXCUSES - The Morning Benders
Tabbed by: luky


F Dm Gm Ce|-1--------5----------3----------3------------|B|-1--------6----------3----------5------------|G|-2--------7----------3----------5------------|D|-3--------7----------5----------5------------|A|-3--------5----------5----------3------------|E|-1--------5----------3----------3------------|
The progression running through the entire song is: F Dm Gm C
F Dm Gm CYou tried to taste me,
F Dm Gm CAnd I take my tongue to the southern tip of your body.
F Dm Gm COur bones are too heavy to come up,
F Dm Gm C FSquished into a single cell of wood.
I made an excuse. You found another way to tell the truth. I put no one else above us. We'll still be best friends when all turns to dust. Breakdown: F Dm Gm C We are so smooth now. Our edges are beaten, drift wood whittled down. Old bodies slip when they make love. We'll mine our sparks to shoot us above!
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