The Morning Benders - Chasing A Ghost tab

Standard tuning

Chords used:
Am: x 0 2 2 1 0
Em: 0 2 2 0 0 0
Dm: x 5 7 7 6 x
C:  x 3 5 5 5 x

There's two little riffs that go before the strumming of 
Am and Em in the verse so for our purposes i will refer
to this:

e|---3-2-1-0-----|B|---0-0-0-1-----|G|---------2-----|D|---------2-----|A|---------0-----|E|---------------| riff 1
and this:
e|--0-0-0-0-0-0--|B|--3/5-3-1-0-0--|G|------------0--|D|------------2--|A|------------2--|E|------------0--| riff 2
The song starts where wasted time leaves off right after riff 2, so it comes in on Em, then plays riff one into Am. Listen to the song to get the timing and rhythm right. I don't think the lyrics are totally right but that's not what you're here for so hopefully you won't mind. Riff 1 Am And when you left this town Riff 2 Em Riff 1 You had to change your name Am You had to change your face Riff 2 Em To hide away the pain Dm C Em But you'll run from heart to heart Dm C Em Riff 1 Until you come right back to the start Am You said we weren't safe Riff 2 Em Riff 1 And vanished without a trace Am (strum chord once and let ring) It's hard to chase a bird Riff 2 Em When you don't have any wings Dm C Em And you'll fly straight into a dawn Dm C Em You'll come back once safely past your part (the Em for the next part should be played as x79987) (Strum each chord and let ring) Dm Em You say you're alone Dm but my arms are open wide Em You're looking for something Dm That you won't ever find
Then this starts to play over the chords until Em at"I'm beginning to think that it's better that way":e|-----------------------------------------------------------12(x12)-15(x12)|B|---------------------------------------------13(x12)-15(x12)--------------|G|7(x12)-9(x12)-10(x12)-12(x12)-14(x12)-16(x12)-----------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Start strumming the chords now, instead of letting ring) Dm Now it's raining so hard Em Dm I can't see my own tears Em You're giving me reason Dm To put trust in my fears Em Now I'm chasing a ghost Dm Cause there ain't no real thing Em There's only a carcass of Dm Where "I love you" should stay Em I'm beginning to think Em (This Em: 022000) That it's better that way
And I haven't figured out the rest of the solo so I usually just go into riff 2 because that's what the other guitar is doing. Riff 1 And one day you'll return Riff 2 As open as a dove Riff 1 And maybe then you'll ask Riff 2 What happened to our love?
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