The Morning Benders – Grain Of Salt chords

Grain of Salt
The Morning Benders

GREAT song by an amazing band that deserves way more recognition. This is my first 
time submitting anything so i hope it works out for everyone!

Chords used: C Dm G and Am

(Verse 1)

Ctake my heart with a grain of salt
Cits been broken but its no bodies fault
Dmi cant move by
Gand i've paid the price
Cmany times over for everyone i know
Ci shouldn't be here
Cmany miles from everything that i hold dear
Dmbut life is fine
Gno matter how hard you fight
C Am Dm Gnow ill have to go back to that place i know that
C Ambut i'm happy this time
Dmi know that
Gthis loves mine
(Verse 2) G, Dm, G again ^^ same as Verse 1 i stuck around i played the hand i was dealt i can only think one way and i only feel the way i felt but you keep changing planes till it drove you insane but we ended up pulling in at the same time keeps passin' me by while i sit and wait for everything i can find but life is fine no matter how hard you fight
C Dm G againnow ill have to (yea yea yea)
go back to that place (yea yea yea) i know that (yea yea yea) but i'm happy (yea yea yea) this time (yea yea yea) i know that (yea yea yea) this loves mine (yea yea yea) I THINK this part goes... But I'm not positive. Hope you can figure it out better than me C G Dm Am i used to be afraid that i wouldn't find my love but now i've found a way to end in my salvation
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