The Morning Benders - All Day Day Light tab

These are the basics. It's not perfect.

Listen to the song to understand the rhythm and feel of the song.

Guitar 1e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------C-C-C-C--|D|--5--5-5---7--7-7---5--5-5---7--L-L-L-L--|A|--3--3-3---5--5-5---3--3-3---5--A-A-A-A--|E|--------------------------------P-P-P-P--|
Guitar 2e|-----------------------------------------| *You can add the 5th and 7thB|--5--5-5---7--7-7---5--5-5---7-----------| fret on the high e string too,G|--5--5-5---7--7-7---5--5-5---7-----------| it sounds pretty good.D|--5--5-5---7--7-7---5--5-5---7-----------|A|--3--3-3---5--5-5---3--3-3---5-----------|E|-----------------------------------------|
Riff 1A|--------10-10-9-----|E|-8-10-8---------10--|
Riff 2A|--------12-12-9-----|E|-8-10-8---------10--|
Riff 3 e|-8-7-8-7-5--8-5-8-5-5-- (x4) Verses: What can only be here Get too hot and can't go on I grew up in a town much different than this one Where the language is upside down So we can't talk about it You try your best to stay awake I been digging so long I don't know which hole I should take But you put me on this vacation (Riff 1) It's really not the time (Riff 2) It's winter halfway across the world (Riff 1) Somewhere its bright daylight (Riff 2) Chorus: And somewhere someone sails the ocean Somewhere someone's telling the seas Somewhere someone's calling out my name Somewhere they can't see me They can't see me (Riff 3) *Riff 3 also continues in the background of these last verses. Verses: I lived in the background I sleep behind the scenes I had someone take all my calls And watched them outplay me And I can't believe what you're hearing I can't believe what you said I can't believe I can't find this damn address Before I drop dead Chorus: And somewhere someone sails the ocean And somewhere someone's running the streets Somewhere someone's calling out my name Somewhere they're looking for me That's basically it. After the last chorus there's this build-up with the third riff and such but you can do as you wish. ZDL
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