The Museum – My Help Comes From The Lord chords

Left handed
My Help Comes From the Lord
The Museum 
Verse 1: 
BM A G2When sorrows come and hope seems gone
BM A G2You're the rock I rest up on
BM A G2When waters rise and I can't breathe
BM A G2You're the love that rescues me
EM D/F#Out of the darkness I lift up my eyes
G AUnto the hills I feel my faith rise
D AsusMaker of heaven, giver of life
BM G2 D You are my strength my song in the night My refuge my shelter
Asus G D Asus BM G2Now and forevermore My help comes from the Lord
Verse 2:
BM A G2When I'm broken scarred by sin
BM A G2Death gives way to life again
BM A G2When I suffer when I'm bound
BM A In you I'm free in you I'm found
Bridge Chorus 2nd Chorus:
D AsusMaker of heaven, giver of life
BM You are my strength
D/F#You're my refuge
Asus G2 A G/BNow and forevermore...
DMy help Comes from The Lord
Chorus Outro
G2 D/F# Asus G2 DMy help comes from The Lord
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