The Music Room - Rubbish chords

(Verse 1)
G D/F#Discarded piece of trash I feel,
Am G Iíve been used up and now youíre through,
G D/F#And all thatís left is skin and bone,
Am G I wander round in search of home,
G D/F#I donít mean to exaggerate,
Am D/F#But how could one withstand such weight,
G D/F#Of grief thatís drowns and suffocates,
Am D/F#I hope hope comes before itís too late,
G D/F# AmÖ.AmÖ.Where do I go from here?
G D/F# Who am I without me?
(Verse 2)
G D/F#Are you the one who made this mess?
Am D/F#Or is it me? I must confess,
G D/F#Iím not quite sure I can forgive,
Am D/F#The scars you left keep memory fresh.
Pre-chorus-play 2x (Chorus)-play 2x
G D/F#Did you ever love me?
Am D/F#Was that the best thing that you could do?
G D/F# AmÖ..AmÖ.Did you ever love me?
Play pre-chorus 2x Chorus 2x Pre-chorus one more timeÖ ---------------------------------------- Thanks guys! Let me know if anything is incorrect. This is my first tab so bear with me. :-) My email- Band Website:
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