The Mutton Birds - Dominion Road tab



(guitar 1)e----------------------------------------------|B—--3s4--4--5--4-------------------------------|G-----------------2--4—4s6--4--4--6--4--1--4---|D----------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
(guitar 2)e-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G-------------------9999999---------------|D----99999----77----9999999----77---------|A----99999----77----7777777----77---------|E----77777----55---------------55---------|
VERSE B A E A Be-----------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------|G----------------------999----------------|D----99999----77777----999----77----9999--|A----99999----77777----777----77----9999--|E----77777----55555-----------55----7777--|
Different strumming pattern to Main Riff PRE-CHORUS
B F# E Be----------------------------------------------|B—---------------------------------------------|G-------------------------9999-----------------|D---99999---44444444444---9999---99------------|A---99999---44444444444---7777---99------------|E---77777---22222222222----------77------------|
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN RIFF X4 B A E A B Dominion Road is bending; under it’s own weight, B A E A B Shining like a strip, cut from a sheet metal plate, B ‘Cos it’s just been raining. MAIN RIFF X1 B A E A Jane reached the point where she knew what he meant before he opened his B mouth, B A E A B He couldn’t say the same or he would’ve guessed she was moving south, with one of his friends. B F# E B But it’s getting better now, he found it in him to forgive, B F# E B F# He walked the city, and he found a place to live – in a halfway house, E halfway down Dominion Road. MAIN RIFF X2 B A E A B He watched Jane’s brother sell the house he felt no sense of loss, B A E A B More like a mountain-climber looking back having made it across - the steepest face. B F# E B Oh but he’s still climbing, see him trying to cross the street, B F# E B F# He tests his footing, like he was up ten thousand feet above the clouds, E halfway down Dominion Road.
e----------------------------------------------------------|B—4--5—-4--7--5--4--4--5--4--7--5--4—-4--5--4--7--5----5---|G---------------------------------------------------4------| x4D----------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------|
B F# E B But he’s getting better now; he rests his head on the windowsill, B F# E B He watches the city, sees the antennae’s in the hills from the halfway F# E house, halfway down Dominion Road. B F# A E Halfway down, halfway down, halfway down Dominion Road. B F# A E Halfway down, halfway down, halfway down Dominion Road………Owaooo MAIN RIFF X4 The End. ORDER- Main Riff x4 Verse Main Riff x1 Verse Pre-chorus Main Riff x2 Verse Pre-chorus Solo Pre-chorus Bridge??? Main Riff x4 AWESOME SONG!!!
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