The Mygales - Elvis Memphis chords

Elvis Memphis
The Mygales
Words and music by Fabrice Perotto
Intro : E A G 

E                     Bm                              A                    EIt was july 96 we touch the ground in Memphis
The head full of Rattle and Hum we want to know about Elvis Hotel above Mississipi, like in Joanou movie I wanna see where rock is born, I wanna feel this strange city Chorus : 
E                      A                  G                               EThere is something ridiculous in Elvis Presley’s house
There is something delicious in Elvis Presley’s groove There is something malicious in Elvis Presley’s moves I am feeling marvelous in Elvis blue suede shoes   (We) rent a japanese limousine at the airport in Memphis Following telegraphic poles, Graceland we don’t miss Pilgrimage in Beale street, BB’s replace Elvis Here is born the legend, Here began the story.   Chorus  It was July 96 we say goodbye to Memphis Going down Mississipi, make a stop at Ole’Miss Continue our trip and go straight on New Orleans May be with a little chance we see the ghost of Louis Chorus
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