The Naked Brothers Band - Face In The Hall tab

Am           G                        Em            D
my love we dont got each other so id run for cover run for cover
Am                    G                   Em               D
i feel better knowing its all over and im free to be who i wanna be
Am                      G
you make something just turn into nothing
       Em                  D
thats what you do what you always do
Am                  G
just blending in i know its a sin
but im forgetting you 
forgetting you

you used to mean so much
but everything has changed 
C                                 DDD
you had your chance now watch it fade away

                       Em  C
just a face in the hall
                     G      D
you used to mean it all to me
                        Em C
just a face in the hall
             G          D
now its all gone youll see

then you go to the verse and then bridge chorus then a different bridge( sorry i 
havent figured that out yet) then bridge and chorus. PEACE! :)
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