Wasp Nest tab with lyrics by The National - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The National – Wasp Nest tab

Song: Wasp Nest
Band: The National
Album: Cherry Tree EP

Another great song by The National...
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Capo: 1

[Intro & Verse 1]e|---0---0---0---0----0-----------|B|---0---0---0---0----0-----------|G|-1---1--------------------------|D|---------2---2------------------|A|------------------0-------------|E|--------------------------------|
[Chorus & Verse 2/3]e|---2---0---2---0----2--2p0------|B|---0---0---0---0----0-----------|G|-1---1--------------------------|D|---------2---2------------------|A|------------------0-------------|E|--------------------------------|
[Verse 1] You’re cussing a storm in a cocktail dress your mother wore when she was young Red sun saint around your neck A wet martini in a paper cup [Chorus] You’re a wasp nest, you’re a wasp nest. [Verse 2] Your eyes are broken bottles And I’m afraid to ask And all your wrath and cutting beauty You’re poison in the pretty glass [Chorus] You’re a wasp nest, you’re a wasp nest [Verse 3] You’re all humming live wires under your killing clothes. Get over here, I wanna kiss your skinny throat [Chorus] You’re a wasp nest, you’re a wasp nest
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