The National – Conversation 16 chords

Hi, I'm afraid I'm I've only figured out the verse chords and bridge chords so far, but
to get them out there anyway as I am completely in love with this song and wanted to
it with you. Hopefully someone can come up with the rest - or more likely have a 
improved version (I'm just a beginner so sorry if this isn't much good)...

Intro: Bm D Em A

Bm DI think the kids are in trouble
Em ADo not know what all the troubles are for
Bm DGive them ice for their fevers
Em AYou’re the only thing I ever want anymore
Bm DLive on coffee and flowers
Em ATry not to worry what the weather will be
Bm DI figured out what we’re missing
Em AI tell you miserable things after you are asleep
D GNow we’ll leave the silver city ’cause all the silver girls
D GGave us black dreams
D GLeave the silver city ’cause all the silver girls
D DEverything means everything
VERSE 2 (Same chords as verse 1) It's a Hollywood summer You never believe the shitty thoughts I think Meet our friends out for dinner When I said what I said I didn’t mean anything We belong in a movie Try to hold it together ’til our friends are gone We should swim in a fountain Do not want to disappoint anyone REPEAT BRIDGE
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