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The Neighbourhood – Paradise chords


Em Fe|---------------------------------------|B|---0---------0---------0---------1-----|G|-----0---------0---------0---------2---|D|-------2---------2---------2---------3-| x2A|---------------------------------------|E|-0---------0---------0---------1-------|
[Verse] Bme|---------------------------------2-----|B|---3---------3---------3-----------3---|G|-----4---------4---------4-----------4-|D|-------4---------4---------4-----------|A|-2---------2---------2---------2-------|E|---------------------------------------|
G6 F# A6e|-------------0-------------------2-----|B|---0-----------0-------------------2---|G|-----0-----------0-----3-------------2-|D|-------0-----------------4-------------|A|---------------------------4---0-------|E|-3---------3---------2-----------------|
BmNo matter where you go,
A6you’ll never have control
G6No one makes it out alive,
F# A6no one makes it out alive in paradise
BmPicture you in summertime,
A6drinkin' white wine in Antigua
G6Told me that you’ll see me and I see ya
F# A6And I really wanna believe ya, I do
BmSingin' blues, no shoes on
A6Strummin' in the sun and you’ve got your feet up
G6I remember when you used to tell me that you’d find your freedom
F# A6It was hard to believe ya
[Pre-chorus 1] Em F#m Ae|---------------------------------------|B|---0---------0-------------------2-----|G|-----0---------0-------2-----------2---|D|-------2---------2-------4-----------2-|A|-2---------2---------------4---0-------|E|---------------------2-----------------|
Bm F#me|---------------------------------------|B|---3---------3-------------------------|G|-----4---------4-------2---------2-----|D|-------4---------4-------4---------4---|A|-2---------2---------------4---------4-|E|---------------------2---------2-------|
Em F#m Ae|---------------------------------------|B|---0---------0-------------------2-----|G|-----0---------0-------2-----------2---|D|-------2---------2-------4-----------2-|A|-2---------2---------------4---0-------|E|---------------------2-----------------|
Em'Cause you never feel enough,
F#m Ait never fills you up
BmAnd if lyin' on an island is 
F#mthe closest that you’ll come
Em F#m AThen run, go ahead, have fun, run
BmNo matter where you go (Doesn't matter where you go)
A6You’ll never have control (No, no, no, no)
G6Woke up feeling paralyzed (Yeah)
F#No one makes it out alive (Yeah)
A6In paradise (Yeah)
[Verse 2]
BmPicture me in the major leagues
A6Livin' in a dream that I created, mhm
G6I wrote my own books so I never had to read your pages
F# A6I’ve got no patience for that anyway
BmSensations don’t mean anything
If I can just have everything
A6Some days I think I’ll run away
G6What would I even do if I made it?
F# A6I just keep on fading 'cause
[Pre-chorus 2]
Em F#m AI never feel enough, it never fills me up
BmI’m climbin' up a giant rock,
F#mI’ll never reach the top
Em F#m ABut I can’t stop, I can’t stop, so
BmNo matter where you go (Doesn't matter where you go)
A6You’ll never have control (No, no, no, no)
G6Woke up feeling paralyzed (Yeah)
F#No one makes it out alive (Yeah)
A6In paradise (Yeah)
G6Paralyzed (Yeah)
F# A6No one makes it out alive (Yeah) in paradise (Yeah)
Em Em Em F(Like in intro)
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