The Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon chords

Band: the Neville Brothers
Song: yellow moon
Album: yellow moon (1989)
Written by: A. Neville & J. Neville
Tab by: Sam (

I worked this out from a live version I heard, I havent checked it against the album version

intro: Gm

verse 1:
GmYellow moon, yellow moon
Dm7why do you keep peeping in my window
Cm Dm7 GmOh, do you know something, do you know something I dont know
Verse 2: Did you see my baby walking down the railroad tracks can you tell me, if the girls ever coming back Verse 3: is she hid out with another or is she trying to get back home is she wrapped up in some others arms, or is the girl somewhere all alone verse 4: can you see if she is missing me or is she having a real good time has she forgotten all about me, or is the girl still mine all mine chorus: Bb|Gm|Bb|Cm|Dm7|
Bb Gmwith your eyes so big and shiney, you can see the whole damn land
Bb Cm Dm7yellow moon can you tell me if the girls with another man
Gmoh, yellow moon, yellow moon, yellow moon
Dm7Have you seen that creole woman
Cm Dm7 Gmyou can tell mee, now aint you a friend of mine
Sax solo over the verse chords repeat Chorus repeat Refrain Sax solo over the verse chordsX2 to fade
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