The New Limb - Refugees chords

This is Refugees by the New Limb. Standard Tuning, No capo. Enjoy and review :) 
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Intro: D  A  Em

Verse 1: D Bm A GDid u hear my whisper?
Said how I felt about you Breathe in and out you But they doubt I think about you.
Verse 2: D Bm A GI felt you shiver,
When we climbed out the window. Like a black widow, Mother told me not to go.
Pre-Chorus 1: Em F#m (x2) DAh, ah,
Can't stop the match and gasoline. Ah, ah, We are the refugees.
Chorus: D D A GOh our love was so overwhelming it,
Took the neighbors I was the son that took the daughter. Oh our joy it infected everyone Ran like fire and took the children all children.
Verse 3: D Bm A GAnd as we came down
The blades of grass were bending Under our bare feet, Walking on to love and aging.
Pre-Chorus 2: Em F#m (x2) DAh, ah,
Things are exactly how they seem. Ah, ah We are the refugees. Chorus (x2)
Bridge: D A (x3) G Bm AWe Can
Years under feet 0, 2, 3 Mississippi You and then and me
Verse 4: D Bm A GWe ran for years there
Out shuffling in the darkness. You were the compass I was all the light that saved us. Chorus (x2)
Post-Chorus (x2): A G (x2) DOh our love was so overwhelming it
Oh our joy it infected everyone Fin.
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