The Noisettes – Atticus chords ver. 2

For those of you who like simple chords and capos! As far as I'm concerned, this tab 
works wonderfully.


Am C F G F C G (space out the notes like this is the chorus)

FTo kill a mockingbird
CIs to silence the song
GThat seduces you
F C G Am'cause you need that desire in your heart to survive
F C GAnd you need that burning fire in your soul to know
You're still alive
FSo catch me when I fall
Em AmOr did I dive at your delight?
Am CIn my heart I can fly
F GAnd I cannot disguise my love
F CThere is no time
GAnd I wouldn't know how
Am CConstellations tonight
F GAre so fiercesomely bright, my love
FI have no fear
C GI am Atticus now
Verse 2/chorus 2 are the same, and then the bridge:
F E7 AmSo why don't we fall into the waves?
F E7 AmCan't you see how my heart yearns to misbehave?
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