The Osmonds – Are You Up There chords

"Are You Up There" (Capo: 4th. fret)



____Verse:1 Em (Arpeggio)

Em It could all end tomorrow,
Em/D and where would I be?
Cmaj.7 Does life go on
G/B Am or will it be the end of me?
F Seems a bit unfair
Cmaj7 to think that all I've learned and done
Em-----Em7/D---C---B7---Em belongs to no one.
Em Why should I cherish living
Em/D if there's no so called "Plan"?
Cmaj7 Why, I would have no future
G/B Am if it were left to man.
F I can't believe that we just happened
Cmaj7 and don't know what for.
Em Em7/D-----C---B7 There must be more.
____Music: *G---Ebmaj9 (Repeat *) Eb---D7sus---Daug5 ____Verse:3
Em Why should I trust in a love
Em/D that I can't have forever?
Cmaj7 Does it seem right
G/B Am to live a game of take-away?
F Cmaj7 Should I want for children if there
Em------Em7/D---C---B7---B7/D# isn't any more for them to live for?
Em Em/D Maybe I'm a pessimist - then maybe I'm not.
Cmaj.7 G/B Am But one thing that I'd like to know is what I've got.
F Cmaj7 I don't want a miracle or to see you in the air,
Em Em/B---Em---C---B7 but are you up there?
B7/D# Em Em/B---Em---C---B7 Are you____everywhere?
B7/D# Em Em/B---Em---C---B7 Do you really care?
B7/D# Em Em/B---Em---C---B7*Are you____up there?_______________ (Repeat * 3 times)
____Ending: *G---Ebmaj9 (Repeat * 3 times) Eb------Em---Em9
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