The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars chords

So here are the chords for this beautiful song by TPOBPAH, remember to put a capo 
on the 4th fret, standard tuning. The strumming pattern is really easy, figure it 
out while listening to the guitar in the song.

C G FShitfaced, fumbling in a dark place, drinking in the last days
C G Fthis street looks just like the next street, bumblefuck on repeat
C Gthis time you should have stopped but where's the fun?
Fyou should have stopped but where's the fun?
C G Fthe outcome, the only friend you ever had is setting off with a rich son
C G Fso sure she was like a brother til you dropped another
C G Fso sure you kept it under covers, until you knew you loved her
Dm F Cnow you can't think straight, because you're not straight
G Dmin the back of her mother's car, in the back of her mother's car
F C Gno secret's too safe, and how you just can't stay
Chigher than the stars.
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