The Panics - One Too Many Itches tab

This is a sublimely beautiful song by one of Australia's finest bands going around. It's 
opening track on The Panics' last album Sleeps Like a Curse. Although it's not a 
song I thought I'd try and come up with a tab in any case and this sounds pretty good on an acoustic.

If you want to play this song as it sounds on cd then you'll need to work out the 
patterns of the chords, or you can just strum along like I do.

Standard tuning

Chords used -

E     (022100)
B     (x24442)
C#m   (x46654)
Amaj7 (x02120)
E*    (x7645x)
B*    (x9987x)
C#m*  (x111190x)

x = Mute string

INTRO: E* B* C#m* B* E* B* C#m* B*e--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-x--0-|b--5-5--5-7--7-0----7--7-5--5-7--7-0----7--7-|g----4----8----9----8----4----8----9----8----|d----6----9---11----9----6----9---11----9----|a----7----9---11----9----7----9---11----9----|E----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----x----|
Verse 1: E* B* I'm staying stubborn in retreat C#m* B* I was standing on your corner pondering defeat E* B* An old lady fixed my collar, said her steps were getting steep C#m* B* I said "I live by the top but not permanently" E* B* I know you follow, I can hear you C#m* B* And the patter of your feet E* B* I'm looking like I'm still half asleep C#m* B* And it feels like you're standing on me CHORUS: Amaj7 E B C#m Why do you ask me? I don't know my way Amaj7 E B C#m Why do you keep me hear? I have no more cards to play VERSE 2: E* B* I've got eyelids like concrete and they're too numb to blink C#m* B* You drain the life out of me, I've forgotten how to think E* B* I was sitting on a fortune now I'm staring down a sink C#m* B* I've got one too many itches and you're just another sting E* B* You can I hope that I might C#m* B* But I never feel a thing E* B* You can I hope that I might C#m* B* But I never feel a thing REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT INTRO FOR BREAK VERSE 3: E* B* A strange thing happened in my mind C#m* B* All your words turned to scribble by the time I recognize E* B* I never looked right in the reflection in your eyes C#m* B* I'd wait to hear your voice but I never could reply REPEAT CHORUS Then repeat verse chords till end Tabbed by pettyisking -
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