The Panics - Get Us Home tab

This is the kick-arse opening track to The Panics' new album Cruel Gaurds. Very 
simple tab, just three Chords the whole way through. But it sounds great when
 playing along with the recording.

Chords used:

(x = mute)

Dm (xx0231)
F  (133211)
C  (x32010)


Dm        F        Dm        F

VERSE 1 - 

                     Dm                        F
I've seen his face before and I wonder what it means

                     Dm                                      F
Three lonely figures standing in my door and one he spoke to me

                    C                         Dm
With a letter from my home and a fever in his eyes

                      C                            Dm
A chill went through my bones and I bid my host goodbye

               F C Dm                   F C Dm
He gave me no reply and I never looked behind


You gotta get us home right now

There's no comfort in the cradle where we sleep

       Dm                                                 F
It's a land of dark and wide, it won't let us survive for free


  Dm                                                F
I made my way on trains, through the bricks and the lanes

Where the burnt wrecks lay dead on the plains

And it leaves your heart the same

                     C                               Dm
But it must be in disguise if in this distance is my prize
     C                         Dm
Out here sometimes it can play a cruel trick on the mind

                    F C Dm                          F C Dm
It's playin' one on mine, such a cruel trick on the mind


REPEAT Dm-F (x2)

             Dm          F
You've gotta get us home
             Dm             F
You've gotta lay it in stone


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