The Paper Chase - We Know Where You Sleep chords

We Know Where You Sleep
by the pAper chAse

Standard tuning, though playing along with the song will be capo 1


Verse 1:
E/BI've got you now, I'll show you all,
E/BbI'll kick out the chair, let you dangle slow,
Am EIn the back of the bus, all of us like the coats in cloak rooms,
E/BAnd if you rise again, take a form I know,
E/BbThe river will boil then overflow and
Am EThe houses you're haunting will tremble with temporal hoodoos,
E C5 A5I don't know about you, but I am hellbent,
A5 C5 B5 E/BI know what it is that I must do,
E/Bb C5Close your eyes when we kiss,
A5 C5 B5 F#5Cuz I am prepared to set myself on fire for this,
E BYou will drop on all fours, get down show me what you're good for,
ASass-mouth, pink-bellied, I perceive,
A BAnd for this your naughty deed I'm throwing you over my bony knee,
E BSo don't cry, don't scream, good lord, you always knew what you're in for,
G# AMy belt unbuckles, so believe, you grubby little thing,
A B EI'm throwing you over my bony knee,
(For an interlude, just play the intro twice) Verse 2:
E/BAnd in your tender place, when you're safe at home,
E/BbThere's a tombstone there waits of your very own,
Am EWhile you're running like bees on the sheets of my sterilized room,
E/BAnd in your comfy bed, air-conditioned car,
E/BbThere are vapors and toxins to get you all,
Am EIn the water you drink, in the air that you breathe, in the soil
E C5Under your shoe, I don't know about you,
A5 C5 B5 E/BBut I am at peace, I know what it is that I must do,
C2 C5I hope you're sitting down, dear,
A5 C5 B5 ECome hell or high water, this sick world will know I was here,
(play chorus then go straight to outro) Outro:
E BWe know where you sleep, we know where you sleep,
A BWe know where you sleep, we know, we know,
E BWe know where you sleep, we know where you sleep,
G# A BWe know where you sleep, we know, we know.
(play the outro twice through)
Chords:E/B E/Bb Am C5 A5 E A B B5 G# C2 F#5-0----0----0----x----x----0----x----x----x----x----x----2-|-2----1----0----3----0----2----0----2----2----6----3----4-|-2----2----2----5----2----2----2----4----4----6----2----4-|-4----3----2----5----2----1----2----4----4----5----5----x-|-x----x----x----x----x----0----2----4----x----4----x----x-|-x----x----x----x----x----0----0----2----x----4----x----x-|
There is so much more to this song than what I have here, but, in all fairness, I'm not John Congleton. All I can give is what I know, and from playing with the song, I know that if you do these finger positions with the capo on the first fret, you'll be in key with the song, but jamming alone, it's pretty cool sounding the way it is with no capo. It's pretty difficult to decipher Congleton's jazz arrangements through all the characteristic dissonance, but this is pretty good for an acoustic rendition. Try performing this in public, some time. Seriously. It's fun. People who aren't prepared for it react quite interestingly. I was once asked to stop because the little christian lady found it too disturbing. Enjoy. --guitarpete--
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