The Paper Chase – Im Going To Heaven With Or Without You chords

Standard tuning w/o capo, 4/4 measure.
This is my attempt at tabbing out the acoustic version John played on the toilet. It's
not 100% but it should do.
Lyrics are from (they are inaccurate, I know), all rights belong to the
pAper chAse of course.

chords used:
Am       x02210
Asus2    x02200
F x3321x (not a bar chord)Fadd11 x3320x
C x32010
C7M x32000G 3x0003 (that's the way he plays it)
Em 022000Fm x3311x (may be a bit tricky, you can play it as a bar chord)
"G1" 3xxxxx "A1" x0xxxx intro Am-Asus2-Am F-Fadd11-F C-C7M-C
GThese chords inbetween (Asus2, Fadd11, C7M) are played by simply releasing the first
fret on the B string ("Congleton's" F allows that). This theme is later repeated in the chorus etc. where he played just Am-F-C-G, but you can play it the same way as the intro if your coordination is good enough.
C EmOn the day Chicago locked its doors for good
C Em G1 A1Our headless chickens pushed and pecked along their Southbound route
F FmTo cluck the atrocity, their beaks are posturing
C EmAt and old vampire; the forest fire
F GAny day our windy city's gonna blow it out for you
Am F CI'll keep a horseshoe on my step, I'll keep a cross around my neck
GWhile draping garlic above our bed
Am F CAll good luck, amulets and aids will dab your forehead, keep you safe
GFrom the forest fire rage
F FmOur fine crystal will cling, we'll drink to anything
C G CIf it keeps the highways moving, keeps commuting smooth for you
F G CI'm drawing a bloodbath with or without you
(replay intro twice)
C EmOn the day the fire nibbled your neighborhood
C EmWe guard our brimstone as if it was gravestone
G1 A1 F FmWhile the blaze was blown loose, our cottage knees shaking
C EmThe flames were giggling with the embers beaming, its chest its beating
F GThat little house we made gets gobbled up by flames
Am F CI'll mash my foot down on the gas of any black cat that cross my path
GThan to risk it and lay it in my lap
Am F CWe keep our umbrellas down here, we toss the salt behind our ears
GThe good looks weren't worth the seven years
F FmWith tightly coiled springs that snap for anything
C G CWe're gonna keep a lighter to it, even while it burns for you
F G CI'm going to heaven with or without you
(repeat intro)
Am F CI'll keep a horseshoe on my step, I'll keep a cross around my neck
GDraping garlic above our bed
Am F CAll ladder legs we walk around, no burning flags will touch the ground
GThe same one that our cracks we found, and I swear to God...
Am F CI'll bury a bible in these halls, I'll bury a black cat between the walls
GGood luck, Godspeed, God damn you all
(repeat intro twice + God damn you all) end with a C
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