The Park Bench Rant - The Baker Acrobat tab

Baker Acrobat
By The Park Bench Rant (AKA Spinnaker)
Tabbed by Zach Lazar
Flat tuning [Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb]

This is by Spinnaker, formerly known as The Park Bench Rant 

Intro Strum G chord Strum C chord \/ \/Eb ------------------3-------------------0---------Bb ------------------0-------------------1---------Gb ------------------0-------------------0---------Db ------------------0-----------0-------2---------- X2 Ab -----------0------2-----2--3----------3----------Eb ---2--3-----------3-------------------0----------
G C Am Am7 G And we couldn't sweep C The ghosts out of our Am Am7 one bedroom apartment G C Am So we packed all our things Am7 G Or we left them in some garage C Am Am7 And I knew two disappointed men G In your fathers eyes C Am Am7 And my father arms C Am And I knew that I could make C Am Some lame reference C G C To Socrates or, or even Sartre Am C Am But I left the gun on my hip C Am7 G And shot right from the heart G C If you, If you curl up Am F G And bury your face into the carpet C Am F In that bedroom of that one bedroom apartment G C Am You will see a 7 year old boy F G And he's screaming out screaming out screaming out G C Am Here is your grandfathers gun Am7 G The one he used to end his time here G C Will you tell the ambulance Am Am7 That I am not ready to go G C Am Am7 Strike two, sweet chariot G C Am Am7 Coming forth direct my home G C I am sorry you know Am Am7 G I never meant to hurt you but I did C Am Strike two, swing low Am7 G Coming slowly forth C Am To carry us all home Am7 G But not tonight C Am Their knocking down my door Am7 G Their cutting me away C Am Am7 G One last look
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