The Park Bench Rant - Ships tab

Look at him now
Another used man
G	          C
Wearing the passing of his dignity
 		 	    D	C
With all the courage that he can
He stood in the storm
C		  G      CG
Carved out in stone
G		      C
He said I've worn my honesty with pride
  		   D C
In everything I've done
G                         C         G
So where were you when my ship went down
EM                     C        G
Where were you when I ran aground
G                     C             G
Where were you when I turned it around
EM                       C         G       C
Where were you when they burned me down
Look at her now
     C         G      CG
All tired and worn
G               C
She never thought her life
Would come to be so cold or so alone
She walked in the light
       C            G    CG
Fought bondage for love
G                        C
She said I cast off the chains that I was born with
But it never was enough


C                               G
Silent souls washed upon the shores
Left to walk the sands
C		D
Evermore, evermore
EM                       C        G      CG
Look at us now, just chasing our lives
G              C
Make like the saviors of the planet
We're just trying to get by
You may walk the line

	C	     G	  CG
You may see it all through
              G             C
I know you cry yourself to sleep at night
Just wondering what to do
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