The Pastels - Nothing To Be Done chords

on Sittin' Pretty

tabbed by louisgingembre

sounds better out of barre chords

F#m E D x2
F#m E D A

ATake my hand and take my heart
F#m D I shiver when you're here
A F#m DDeliver me from everything that drives me, oh my dear
AAccelerate your pain
Bm White knuckles on the real again??
D AShut your mouth, let's move on out of here
AJust try and keep it light
BmOr someone may get hurt tonight
D ADon't talk that way, don't talk that way, don't talk that way
Hold it there a second Let me dump this stupid pride I'm ready for you sweet-heart Now my mind is open wide Shut up and make it count Your concentration paramount Remember what was meant to be this year The past is a disaster and the future's coming faster now What do you say we go and get a beer? intro again solo
ASimply nothing to be done
F#m D Oh tell me i'm the only one
A Simply nothing to be done
F#m DTell me I'm the only one
AWhen i was young
I used to sing
Bm DI didn't care for anything
When i was young i used to sing
AI didn't care for anything
ASimply nothing to be done
F#m DTell me i'm the only one...
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