The Phantom Band - Everybody Knows Its True chords

The Phantom Band - Everybody Knows It's True 

This a great song with only three chords, it's really easy to play.
Changes are odd written down but make sense when listening to the record. Listen 
to the record for the rhythm.

Chords used: Fmaj7, Am and G5.

Fmaj7: e|-0 Am: e|-5 G5: e|-3 B|-1 B|-5 B|-3 G|-2 G|-5 G|-0 D|-3 D|-7 D|-5 A|-3 A|-7 A|-5 E|-x E|-x E|-x
Fmaj7 Am When there was a fallen bird. Everybody stayed awake
Fmaj7 Am Everybody craned their heads. To see my changing shape
Fmaj7 Am We must dance. Against a torchlight moon. Everybody knows it's true
Fmaj7 Ship that sailed. On its deck we stand.
Am And I comb my hair. Pray to see. Do not take us down.
Fmaj7 Am We made of stone. But we are not hollow. Everybody knows it's true.
Am Not in my life we must
G5 There, they're rich enough
Am From the shadow to the tongue
Fmaj7 Everybody wants to burn
G5 Am Fmaj7 Fmaj7 But the cost is just the words I crucified my own
Am Everybody knows it's true
Repeat for the rest of the verses choruses. The repetition part at the end follows the verse pattern.
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