The Phoenix Foundation – Bleaching Sun tab

Hey I looked for this tab for ages but couldn't find anything,
so I finally taught myself scales, figured out the key and then
the chords.

First tab, enjoy and feel free to leave any advice :)


D Well I'm waking up A To your crazy shit G And I'm leaving now D Yes I'm a jumping ship Bm Because your heart is cold G Like a box of beer D And I just can cope A With you my dear D Under the bleaching sun (Under the bleaching sun) A Out on the washing line (Out on the washing line) G I'm hanging from my thumbs (We're hanging from our thumbs) D Until we get us dry Bm And I'm a cooking up (Yeah I'm a cooking up) G A little kooky scheme (Cook cook) A Oh to clean their minds, precious minds G The sweetest minds you've ever seen Bridge part goes something like this...
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