The Pictish Trail - Words Fail Me Now chords

The Pictish Trail - Words Fails Me Noe
From the album Secret Soundz Volume 1 - 2008

E (bar on 7th + 9th)
You became a memory of something I forgot to be

ANow someone has told me you're like me
Well that's enough
EI declined apologies upon apologies oh jeez
AI hope you have something to pray for
You had the choice
BI went out of my way
I pulled out the safety pin
DI should stop...
Words fails me now. E, A x3
ELets go back in history
and see just what we used to be
ANow baby you love me
I killed you I had the gun
EHolding back a temper dear
I hope to God you run, come here
AI know you'll forgive me
I'm crying, I'm out of luck
BI went out of my way, I pulled out the safety pins
DI should stop. Oh I know...
BI went out of my way, I pulled out the safety pins
E, A Words fail me now
E, AOooooh oooh...
End on E. This was done just from listening to the song a few times -if you see anything wrong feel free to drop me an e-mail to mac-miller[at]hotmail[dot]com!
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