The Pierces – Secret chords



AmGot a secret
GCan you keep it?
F ESwear this one you'll save
Dm Better lock it, in your pocket
E AmTaking this one to the grave
Am GIf I show you then I know you
F EWon't tell what I said
Dm Cause two can keep a secret
Em AmIf one of them is dead…
Am GWhy do you smile
F ELike you have told a secret
Am GNow you're telling lies
F ECause you're the one to keep it
F EBut no one keeps a secret
F ENo one keeps a secret
Am G FWhy when we do our darkest deeds
EDo we tell?
Am GThey burn in our brains
F EBecome a living hell
F ECause everybody tells
F EEverybody tells…
Etc..It's fairly repetitive
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