The Pigeon Detectives – Dont Know How To Say Goodbye Acoustic chords

Left handed

Chords used: C F Am Em G (F is played [x33210])

Intro: C

C I'm so in love with you
FI just don't know what I should do
CI'll do nothing & I'll just dream
FI never seem to get it right
Amit seems that I
Am F C Em Am I don't know how to say goodbye
Am F C Em Am & if I did, I'd surely cry, a lie
Am F C Em Amif it's a choice between you & me I'd go for I
F G C& here's why, I never really thought you liked me anyway
VERSE: You're playing games with me It isn't hard for them to see Tell me that you're just a cheat but I don't care I play for keeps & I Chorus Verse 1 Chorus End on C
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