The Police - Synchronicity 1 tab

Tabbed by: Belavista Man
On: 18/02/08

Glochenspiel riff (Played through the intro and verses):e|-----------|-----------------|B|-----------|-----------------|G|-----------|-----------------|D|-----------|-------5---------|A|---6-8-----|---6-8---6-8-----|E|-8-----8-8-|-8-----------8-8-|
[Verse] Chorus: Fm A connecting principle Eb Linked to the invisible Fm Almost imperceptible Fm Something inexpressible Fm Science insusceptible Eb Logic so inflexible Fm Causally connectible Fm Yet nothing is invincible. [Verse] [Chorus]
Middle 8 (same as verses, but in A):e|-----------|-----------------|B|-----------|-----------------|G|-----------|-----------------|D|-----------|-------2---------|A|---3-5-----|---3-5---3-5-----|E|-5-----5-5-|-5-----------5-5-|
[Verse] [Chorus]
Middle 8 (Solo) - Play this over the top of the original Middle 8:e|---------------------------------|B|-10-8----------10-8--------------|G|------9-7-----------9-7-7----7---|D|----------10-7------------10---7-|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
Outro - the guitar repeats to these chords over and over to fade: C6 D C6e|-5----5-|B|-5-h7-5-|G|-5-h7-5-|D|-5-h7-5-|A|--------|E|--------|
I feel that there's little bits that I've missed in this tab, but I'll pick up on them For now, enjoy!
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