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The Police – Behind My Camel tab

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From: winston campbell 
Subject: BEHIND MY CAMEL by The Police

Behind My Camel
	(music by Andy Summers)

This instrumental is off of the Police album -Zenyatta Mondatta-.  I think
this song won a grammy award for an instrumental category but I am not too
sure.  I do not know what guitar modes or pedals Summers used to get that
eerie guitar sound but it sure sounds cool.  Anyway, the major riffs (the
only riffs) are:

(oh yeah, you have to drop the lower E string to D, hence drop D-tuning)

E ---------------|---------------|-10----------------|---------------|B -----7h8-------|-----7h8-------|-----12------------|-----7h8-------|G -5-8-----------|-5-8-----------|-------------------|-5-8-----------|D ---------------|---------------|-------------------|---------------|A ---------------|---------------|-------------------|---------------|D ---------------|---------------|---------12--0-----|---------------|
E ---------------|-10----------------|---------------|---------------|B -----7h8-------|-----12------------|---------------|-----7h8-------|G -5-8-----------|-------------------|---------------|-5-8-----------|D ---------------|-------------------|---------------|---------------|A ---------------|-------------------|---------------|---------------|D ---------------|---------12--0-----|-5-------------|---------------|
E ---------------|-10----------------|---------------|---------------|B -----7h8-------|-----12------------|---------------|---------------|G -5-8-----------|-------------------|---------------|---------------|D ---------------|-------------------|---------------|---------------|A ---------------|-------------------|---------------|-3-------------|D ---------------|---------12--0-----|-5-------------|---------------|
and so on... You should make sure that each note is lengthened (I think that is called tremolo) The bass notes are just C to D, then G. I am guessing that the chords (if there is a keyboard playing throughout the song, and I am pretty sure there is) are Cm to Dm to Gm. And that is it.
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