The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger tab

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 26/12/07

Glockenspiel intro: Am Em7 Am G Am Em7 Am Ge|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-9-10-9-10-7-9-7-9----7----7-----------------------------------------9-|D|-------------------10---10---9-10-9----7-7--7-10-9-10-9----7-7--10-9---|A|------------------------------------10------------------10-------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Keyboard: Am Am Am Am e|-5----5\-----------5----5\-------------5-5\----------------5-5\--------| [No other strings needed] Am Em7 Am G You consider me the young apprentice Am Em7 Am G Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis Am Em7 Am G Hypnotized by you if I should linger Am Em7 Am G Staring at the ring around your finger I have only come here seeking knowledge Things they would not teach me of in college I can see the destiny you sold Turned into a shining band of gold G Fmaj7 I'll be wrapped around your finger G Fmaj7 * I'll be wrapped around your finger Mephistopheles is not your name But I know what you're up to just the same I will listen hard to your tuition You will see it come to it's fruition And I'll be wrapped around your finger I'll be wrapped around your finger * Am Em7 F G Devil and the deep blue sea behind me Am Em7 F G Vanish in the air, you'll never find me Am Em7 F G I will turn your flesh to alabaster Am Em7 F When you find your servant is your master And you'll be wrapped around my finger You'll be wrapped around my finger * [Intro riff again to fade]
Fill at * mark: G Dm7 G Ame|----3-----5----3\-5-|B|-3----3---6----3\-5-|G|-0------0-5---(4)---|D|-0------------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
How the chorus is played: G(strummed) Fmaj7e|-3-------3-------------------0------0---|B|-0-------0-------------------1------1---|G|-0-------0----------------------2-----2-|D|-0-------0----------------------3-----3-|A|-2-------2----------------------0-----0-|E|-3-------3------------------------------| I'll be wrapped around your finger
I think that's everything... I'm quite proud of this tab! lol PM me with any queries or comments. Thanks! | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | (?) Ghost note
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