The Pool Boys - Youre My Rest tab

The Pool Boys
You're My Rest

Capo 1st Fret


First Verse
                D           G
The smoke hangs low on this heavy southern air
D               Bm                A
A white blanket comfort that I've found
               D                G
The words come slowly with that charming southern flare
D                  Bm         A       G
I say it's so nice having you around

              D            A
'Cause I feel you in every breath
      Bm         A     G
Every prayer and every step
           D               A
And I need you to catch my breath
          Bm       A         G
You're my hope and you're my rest
          Bm       A         D     G
You're my hope and you're my rest

Second Verse
         D          G
When I'm gone all I see are shades of gray
D                              Bm              A
There's no distinction between where I end and start
           D               G
I could be wrong, and if I am that's just the same
D                  Bm               A      G
You are the keeper of this restless heart


         Bm            E
And it's you I need to comfort me
     Bm     A           G
Even when I know it the least

          D     G D
You're my rest
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