The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine tab version 1

The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine
Tuning: Standard

This is my first tab, I think it's 99% alright.

Intro: clean x4

e|------------------------------------B|------------------------------------G|------------------------------------D|-2---5---7---9---10--12---7---9----- x1A|-2---5---7---9---10--12---7---9-----E|-0---3---5---7---8---10---5---7-----
/ | e|------------------- | B|------------------- | G|------------------- | D|-2---5---7---9----- x2 | A|-2---5---7---9-----Chorus | E|-0---3---5---7-----
| Then | e|--------------------------------- | B|--------------------------------- | G|--------------------------------- | D|-2---5---7---9---10--12---7---5--- x1 | A|-2---5---7---9---10--12---7---5--- | E|-0---3---5---7---8---10---5---7--- /
Repit Verse Repit Chorus Bridge
e|-----------------------B|-----------------------G|-----8-----------------D|-6---8---4---9---6----- x1A|-6---6---4---9---6-----E|-4-------2---7---4-----
Then play Verse Chorus x1 Then play the Intro twice with distortion. Outro: the Intro clean. That's it Any question??--> Hope you like it :)
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