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Pull This Blanket Off
The Raconteurs - Consolers Of The Lonely

Intro D5 Dsus4e-----5-5--5-5---------|B-----7-7--8-5---------|G-----7-7--7-7---------|D----------------------|A----------------------|E----------------------|
Verse 1 G Pull this blanket off of me C Maybe it'll help me see D G the things i believe to be true
Riff 1e--------------(3)-----|B--3-------------------|G--5b~-3---(3)-3-------|D-------3-5------------|A----------------------|E----------------------|
Verse 2 I'm paying for what should be free but I don't buy what they're telling me and I wanna beleive in you
Break G C F Bb G5 C5/D5 aaaaAAAAhhhe----------------------------|B---3---5---1----3-----------|G--4---5---2-2--3-3------5/7-|D-5---5---3----3-----5-5-5/7-|A--------------------5-5-3/5-| (X2)E--------------------3-3-----|
D C G Riff 1 Verse 3 Gets hard sticking to your guns when everyone is having fun makes me wanna run, I don't know what to do Verse 4 Not everything is what it seems maybe these boys don't have dreams I cant blame 'em, some dreams are worse then the truth Break aaaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh Riff 1 (Slowly) Alright' good night!
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