The Radio Dept - Bus chords

Tabbed by Michael Hartnett
If this song has gotten you through as many hard times as it has me, i'm sure 
you'll appreciate this (albeit mediocre) tab.

A B E B7ish G#m A* Am e|--0-----x-----0-----x-----4-----5-----5--|B|--2-----x-----0-----x-----4-----5-----5--|G|--2-----4-----1-----x-----4-----6-----5--|D|--2-----4-----2-----1-----6-----7-----7--|A|--0-----2-----2-----2-----6-----7-----7--|E|--x-----x-----0-----x-----4-----5-----5--|
Intro: A B E (x3) A (top notes accented) B7
B7 A BYou need to take that bus
B E G#mGoodbyes aren't all that good
G#m A* A (I just like the sound of the slide)Mother is in a mess
A BWhat are you gonna do if nothing happens?
ENothing happens
AmNothing happens
G#m Nothing happens
B (repeat intro)->A B E (x3) A B7Nothing happens around here any more
Leaving the girls behind Goodbyes aren't all that good Daddy says you'll be fine But what is he gonna say if nothing happens? Nothing happens Nothing happens Nothing happens
B ENothing happens around here any more
Am G#m BRepeat intro
End on Ee|-----0------------0--|B|-----0------------0--|G|-----1------------1--|D|-----2--4-4-4-4p2-2--|A|-----2------------2--|E|-----0------------0--|
I implore you to correct or add to this.
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