The Radio - Whatever Gets You Through Today chords

Whatever Gets You Through Today
The Radio (

Hey! This song is from Grey's Anatomy first season's soundtrack. 
Pretty easy to play, so it's very good for beginners. 
I hope you like it!!

Standard Tuning
Capo on 7th fret


D:     xxx232
A:     xx2220
Asus4: xx2230
G:     320033
Em:    x22000
Em7:   x22033 

Note: In the intro 2 and chorus I like to play A-Asus4-A, instead of just A.

Intro 1: (x2)

     D                         A                       

Intro 2: G D A (x2) Verses:
DSomeone said today,
There's no other way
AOf playing....
DBut I'll find a way,
I'll find another way
AOf saying....
DAll the time we have for life,
Thinking 'bout the lives we had
Chorus: (x4)
G D AWhatever gets you through today
DSometime yesterday,
There was another way
AOf dreaming....
DBut there's another way
You don't have to be A A hero....
DGod, it's not easy
There's a lot to keep you holding
AOn forever....
(Chorus) (x4) (Bridge) Em A Em7 A (Chorus) (x12) That's it. Enjoy! - Victor Medina.
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