The Ready Set – American Love chords

Capo 2nd fret
G We were sixteen, yeah we were young.
EmWe had the world sitting right in front of us
Cand we would take my car and drive into the dark,
Dbut we never would get too far, cos with my luck we'd probably end up lost!
GI was a storm cloud filled up with rain,
Emyou were the sunlight creeping right into my veins.
CWith that you lift me up and I never could act too tough
Dcos you'd accept my faults, I was illuminated by your love
G EmSummer always shines like gold-
CAnd winter never feels too cold.
DI'm thinking that we wont grow old
because we got each other now.
GLove crazy love crazy love
Emthe only kind I've ever known
CI'm not the type to take it slow
Dbaby we wrote the book on American American
GLove crazy love crazy love
Emcos we don't have to be alone
Cyou know that i cant let go
DBaby we wrote the book on American American Love.
And when the full version comes out repeat these chords for verses and choruses!!
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