The Real Tuesday Weld – The Ugly And The Beautiful tab

Left handed

Intro: C E Am F x3
       Ab F C

1st pattern:            C        E          Am     F C
            Well, after all that we've been through
            C               E         Am    F    C
            Would you still call this love, baby?
                  C          E    Am   F
           'Cause love's the only proof
            Ab                  F        C
            That the ugly could be beautiful.
            {repeat intro}

[the rest of the song has exactly the same pattern...]

God knows I'm feeling spent
Though I've still got my money, honey
Money's the revenge
Of the ugly on the beautiful

Well, the drugs just ain't enough
Though I like the way they made us crazy
But love's the only drug
That turns the ugly into beautiful

And I can't tell you why
I'm still so much afraid of dying
When dying reconciles
The ugly with the beautiful

[..until here, where i *think* it goes:]

2nd pattern: Dm
             Though we've been burned by it
             Let's still believe in love
            'Cause love's the greatest gift
             G              F            C
            Of the ugly to the beautiful.
            {repeat intro, and then repeat second pattern}
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